The Nurturing Co.

The Nurturing Co is changing the way and what we use daily around the home by providing sustainable alternative products that are also focused on the reduction and removal of one-time-use plastics. We are an award-winning Singapore company that has captured consumers’ hearts and imagination with high-quality household products both in Singapore and overseas. Our Bambooloo brand can also be found overseas in the New Zealand market. The support the overall efforts of reducing plastic bottled water in Singapore we have also launched the environmental water brand Cano Water in SE Asia. As we expand our international reach we are also extending our product range under our Three Pillars Program: Bathroom Care: Kitchen Care: Baby Care. This will see our product offer grow within these main Home Care segments, and we have already introduced the first of these products, The Nurturing Co food-grade santisers under The Nurturing Co brand to stand alongside the bamboo-based Bambooloo ranges in stores and online. Thank you for support us and thank you for deciding to help remove unwanted one-time use plastics from our society and the environment.