Lab Loop

CERTIFIED ORGANIC FORMULATIONS Our enormous range is formulated using certified organic ingredients: Non-GMO, Marine Safe, No-Nano Particles, No Paraben, and harsh ingredients. We offer pure aromatherapy potions blended in our approved network of manufacturing labs globally, all holding ISO manufacturing accreditation. HEALTHY PACKAGING We take into consideration the architecture and design of your hotel and bathroom then design unique branding into infinity reusable bottles, you can say goodbye to landfill and unhygienic product top-ups. Your guests will be soothed and nurtured no matter where they are in the world. PRIVATE LABEL DESIGN & SERVICES Our in-house design team works with your corporate brand team to create a range of bathroom amenities for your hotel. Our hotel toiletries and retail range are all made locally wherever the hotel is in the world. Private labels can include brand endorsements by a famous figure and our closed-loop and 3rd party certified logos are displayed on the back of the packaging. MANUFACTURING LOCALLY Made locally (globally), our manufacturing network is global, we unbundle the supply chain, reduce hotel costs and build local communities. RECOVER/COLLECT EMPTY BOTTLES Our packaging is our responsibility, we offer an extended producer responsibility framework, we recover our high-quality bottles and sanitize to ready-to-use safe GMP standards.