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Window & Glass Cleaning Tablets
SGD $12.00

Contains 3 Cleaning Tablets in 1 set

The Cleanest Cleaner - our SimplyGood Window/ glass cleaning tablets address the issue of single use plastic wastage. They are cleaning tablets that dissolves in water allowing you to reuse existing plastic bottles and reduce carbon foot print by eliminating the need to transport water. They are also super effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Visit www.simplygood.sg for more info.

With our Plant Based Cleaning Power
Watch as fingerprints and dust disappear from your windows and mirrors without a streak. SimplyGood tablets deliver a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived & biodegradable ingredients (Derived from corn & coconut). They are safe to use on all sorts of shiny surfaces.

*Each tablet creates 500ml of magic non toxic cleaning solution

WEIGHT (KG): 0.00
Pack Size: Contains 3 Cleaning Tablets in 1 set ($12)
<p>Citric acid (Naturally derived),&nbsp;Sodium bicarbonate (Naturally derived),&nbsp;Sodium Carbonate&nbsp;(Naturally derived),&nbsp;Sodium lauryl sulfate (Pharmaceutical Grade)&nbsp; (Naturally derived),&nbsp;Fragrance (Natural / synthetic blend)</p>
<p>Step 1:&nbsp;<strong>Fill</strong>&nbsp;bottle with water</p> <p><br /> Step 2:&nbsp;<strong>Drop</strong>&nbsp;tablet in bottle</p> <p>*wait for&nbsp;50 minutes for tablet to fully dissolve</p> <p>TIP: Use warm water to speed up dissolve time to just 15 minutes</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Step 3:&nbsp;<strong>Ready</strong>&nbsp;to clean</p>
Sustainable Products Indicator: Biodegradable, Compostable, Energy Efficient Product, Natural Based, Non-Toxic Products, Recycled Content, Waste Reduction, Water Saving Product

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