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Tuscan Sun Blooming Tea
SGD $28.00

Slow down. Enjoy the moments. Let Happiness catch up with you.

Tea: Organic Maofeng green tea
Flowers: Jasmine, Marigold, Gomphrena
Flavour: Original
Taste: Fresh, green Invigorating. Classic

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Product Dimensions:
<p>Red Petite:&nbsp;(21L x 14W&nbsp;x 4T) cm</p> <ul> <li>Net weight: 45g&nbsp;(6 tea balls, individually sealed in a tea foil)</li> </ul> <p><br /> White Classic:&nbsp;(31L x 18W&nbsp;x 6T) cm</p> <ul> <li>Net weight: 90g (12 tea balls, individually sealed in a tea foil)</li> </ul>
<p>Maofeng green tea, Gomphrena, Jasmine, Marigold</p>
<p>For the <strong>best</strong> experience, use a clear heat resistant glass mug or teapot. Ideally, the glass is 12cm high and 8cm wide.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Step 1</strong>:&nbsp;Put the tea ball into the glass mug or teapot.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Step 2</strong>:&nbsp;Gently pour the boiling water (90 to 100&deg;) into the glass.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Step 3</strong>:&nbsp;Enjoy and appreciate the blooming moments. Best viewed at a horizontal angle. Each bud blooms at a different pace, typically 5 to 10 minutes.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>You may top up your tea up to 3 times. 1st pot gives you the strongest aroma and 2nd pot gives you the strongest flavor.&nbsp;<strong>Enjoy the magical moments!</strong></p>
Sustainable Products Indicator: Compostable, Natural Based

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