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Stasher Bags
SGD $19.00

The evolution of storage bags!

Stasher is a patented, award-winning design that is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting.

Designed in California, USA, Stasher bags are made of 100% pure platinum grade silicone — a standard even higher than food grade silicone, passing all U.S. safety requirements and even tougher European standards.

These bags are:
– Non-toxic
– Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe
– Endlessly reusable
– Equipped with a Pinch-loc™ seal

Snack bag: 4.5" (11.4cm) x 7.5" (19cm) x 1" (2.5cm) / 9.9 fl. ounces (293.5ml)

Sandwich bag: 7.5” (19cm) x 7.5” (19cm) x 1” (2.5cm) or 15 fl. ounces (450ml)

Half Gallon: 10.25” x 8.25” x 1.5” / 64.2 fl. ounces (1.9 litres)

Stand Up: 7” x 8.5” x 3.5” inches / 56 fl. ounces (1.6 litres)

Pack Size: 1
<p>We suggest filling the bag a 1/4th of the way with warm water and soap and giving it a nice shake. A little brush helps too.</p>
Sustainable Products Indicator: Non-Toxic Products

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