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SAiON-EM® Microbial Soil Conditioner liquid for Plants
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SAiON-EM Microbial consist of a combination of various naturally occurring microorganisms, mostly used
for or found in foods.

3 Main Genera :
Photosynthetic Bacteria, Yeast & Lactic Acid Bacteria.
It secretes vitamins, organic acids chelated minerals & antioxidants when in contact with organic matter.

It is an excellent soil conditioner for soil, all-natural probiotic for plants and soils

The dilution rate for plants & soil starting at a rate of 1:50 (1 teaspoon per 1 litre)
Direction : Spray on the soil, the leaves & the stem.

*Store in a cool place, avoid heat at all time

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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