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Rose Perfume Roll-on, alcohol free (9ml) - Signature Spa
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Feel the enchanting magic of romance with the sensual Roll-on perfume with rose and exotic fruits from the Signature Spa series of Bulgarian Rose Karlovo. Exclusive combination of rose, freesia and orchid, interwoven with exotic fruits, ribbons and amber, creates a glamorous halo of romance and beauty. Its gorgeous fragrance enchants the senses, and captivates with its sophisticated sensuality. The perfume is in the form of a roll-on with compact size, perfect for any lady's bag or cosmetic purse. It will always be with you to feel irresistible.

✓ Incredible aroma enchanting the senses.
✓ Combination of exotic fruity notes and flowering spring flowers.
✓ Comfortable and compact packaging.
✓ Suitable for all ages and any type of skin.
✓ Not tested on animals. Does not contain parabens and silicone.

Directions for use:
The most suitable places for applying the perfume are the skin behind the ears and the inside of the wrists.

Rose, freesia and orchid, intertwined with exotic fruits, neroli and amber

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