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Rooibos Tea - Citrus Chai Pyramid 20'S
SGD $19.00

Is a flavoursome combination of rooibos and a lightly spicy, chai blend. Visually pleasing in beautiful pyramid bags with calendula leaves adding a yellow colour. An excellent tea to serve with wine and food. Rooibos is naturally caffiene free.

WEIGHT (KG): 0.05
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Pack Size: 20
<p><strong>Ingredients:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Black Pepper</li> <li>Calendula Flowers</li> <li>Chamomile flowers</li> <li>Cardamom</li> <li>Cinnamon</li> <li>Cloves</li> <li>Green Honeybush</li> <li>Lemongrass</li> <li>Masala Chai Spice</li> <li>Orange Peel</li> <li>Rooibos</li> <li>Rosehip</li> <li>Safflowers</li> <li>Turmeric</li> <li>Vanilla flavour</li> </ul>
<p><strong>Hot Tea</strong>: Place 3 teabags in a teapot with 800 ml boiling water (for a single 250 ml serving use 1 teabag). Steep 5-10 min. Allow tea to cool. For optimal results, preferably consume without milk, sugar or honey. Best enjoyed at &nbsp;60&deg;C.</p> <p><strong>Important notice:&nbsp;</strong>Take care while working with boiling water.</p> <p><strong>Ice Tea</strong>: Hot brewed tea chilled makes a delicious ice tea. Natural fruit juice may be added if preferred.</p>

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