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Panda Plush - 15cm
SGD $29.00

As the rarest member of the bear family, the giant panda is at risk, with just over 1,800 pandas left in the wild. These bears, with their distinct black-and-white coat, can grow up to 330 pounds from munching on their favorite food: bamboo. Although they're heavy, giant pandas are surprisingly phenomenal tree climbers.

This peaceful creature has a special significance for WWF as the official mascot and logo since our founding in 1961. Some examples of our efforts to help the giant panda include: increasing the areas of panda habitat under legal protection, creating green corridors to link isolated pandas, and protecting them against poaching, illegal logging, and encroachment.
By purchasing a WWF Plush toy, a contribution is made to WWF, See the rest of our cuddly Plush Toy Collection!

Available as a keychain and as a plushie.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Sustainable Products Indicator: BPA Free, Non-Toxic Products, PVC Free
COVID-19 UPDATE: Notice: To comply with COVID-19 guidelines from the Singapore government, WWF's shop is closed until further notice.

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