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Heart Blend - Single Drip Coffee
SGD $19.00

We understand it's important to get a quality caffeine fix when travelling or in a rush. We’ve got you covered. Think of single drip as a light-weight coffee kit, fully ground and nearly ready to drink.

Our Heart Blend single drip beats with a nuanced, signature combination of coffees connecting three continents across the globe.

These coffees were selected not just for the unparalleled combination of bold Brazilian chocolate, tropical Myanmar fruits, and the sweet honey traces of Guatemala's premium, coveted highland coffees - they are sought out from the world’s most famous coffee producing regions for the stories they cultivate. Sustainability is the key metric we use to choose our partners.

Our Brazilian beans come from Arabela Pereira Lima’s farm, which is part of Cafe Delas (meaning coffee of her). This is an initiative by Olam focusing on women’s empowerment in agriculture. For every Cafe Delas sale, a portion of the profit is reinvested towards programs that promote gender equality and empower women in the field.

Our Myanmar beans hail from Genius Coffee, an award-winning social enterprise which sources its coffee from over 100 farmers in Myanmar’s Southern Shan State. Genius contributes to local education, healthcare, and forestry initiatives, and is focused on roasting and distributing coffee nationwide and abroad. Bettr Barista offers Origins Classes at these farms to experience full immersion in coffee sourcing.

Our Guatemalan beans come from farmer Jose Olivio’s plantation Los Capulines - meaning a native species of tree - a name reflecting the harmony and balance of coffee within the ecosystem. Olivio’s farm is part of the cooperative Caravela, a renowned B Corp which organises over 2,100 smallholder farmers across 8 countries in South and Central America.

Brazil Mogiana Monte Santo De Minas Cafe Delas
Guatemala Finca Los Capulines
Myanmar Ywar Ngan Organic Washed

Tasting Notes:
Prunes, Dark Chocolate, Honey

Roast Level:

WEIGHT (KG): 0.10
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Pack Size: 10
Brand: Bettr Coffee Co
<p><strong>Composition:</strong><br /> Brazil Mogiana Monte Santo De Minas Cafe Delas<br /> Guatemala Finca Los Capulines<br /> Myanmar Ywar Ngan Organic Washed&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Tasting Notes:</strong><br /> Prunes, Dark Chocolate, Honey</p> <p><strong>Roast Level:</strong><br /> Medium</p>

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