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Healthy Affirmations: Body Wash (200ml)
SGD $8.80
Bottle Material:
Scent Profile:

Karma Release Series connects to the crown chakra, take this time to wash away feeling that don't serve you any longer.

Karma Release: The ingredients of Tangerine and Petigrain
The Journey: The ingredients of Peppermint and Lavender
Cha Cha: The ingredients of Ylang Ylang

I'm Sensing A Deep Sense Of Love All Around Me! Healthy Affirmations delivers the world’s first closed loop bathroom amenities system. With infinitely recyclable high-quality packaging and certified organic ingredients. Once you are finished with the product, we recover the packaging and sanitise to ready-to-use clinical standards. We take full responsibility of our manufacturing footprint.

✓ Certified Organic formulations, certified to EcoCert standards
✓ Closed Loop Certified, certified to GreenCircle standards

✓ Made to order: Bespoke bottle design, designed by our in-house brand team
✓ Made to order: Bespoke scent profile, formulated by our in-house aromatherapists
✓ Made Locally, under ISO, GMP EU standards for cosmetics
✓ Bottle recovery: Empty bottles are recovered, sanitised and refilled to EU manufacturing standards

Talk to us via "Contact Supplier" to inquire about bespoke design packaging & formulation - Delivery lead time includes design to delivery!

Minimum Order Quantity: 4998
Sustainable Products Indicator: Closed Loop Packaging, Waste Reduction

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