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Environmental Toothbrush
SGD $4.50

The bamboo is heat treated to carbonise the surface of the bamboo, giving it a quality finish and good service life. The carbonisation finishing process provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and moulds) during normal use. The bristles are made from a BPA Free polymer resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability.

Made from bamboo, a natural cellulose fibre, the handles are biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and they do not pollute the environment. The amazing growth and self-renewing ability of bamboo means that deforestation is not necessary either. Even the packaging is bio-degradable. The bamboo handle will biodegrade into soil without pollution, we suggest that you remove the bristles and place them into the bin or recycling.

Rinse and dry after use.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Sustainable Products Indicator: Biodegradable, BPA Free

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