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Aromatherapy Glycerine Soap (90g)
SGD $12.00

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo's glycerin soaps are perfect for delicate cleansing and nourishment of the skin. They have an aromatherapeutical effect and captivating scents.

Rose: Recommended for aid in hydrating and soothes the skin
Ingredients: Natural rose water, natural rose buds

Lavender: Recommended to soothes, refreshes and deodorizes the skin.
Ingredients: Essential lavender oil, dried lavender blossoms.

Camomile: Recommended for help to tones, refreshes and hydrates the skin
Ingredients: Essential chamomile oil, dried chamomile blossoms.

Mentha: Recommended for helping refreshing and soothes the skin
Ingredients: Peppermint oil

Rosemary: Gives the skin a fresh look.
Ingredients: Rosemary essential oil, dried rosemary needles

Grapefruit: Recommended to exfoliates the skin, with beneficial effect in case of cellulite
Ingredients: Essential grapefruit oil, loofah – natural massage sponge

Cedar: Recommended for toning and relaxes the skin
Ingredients: Essential oil of cedar, dried oak bark

Cinnamon: Invigorates and tones the skin.
Ingredients: Essential cinnamon oil, cinnamon stick

Juniper: Relaxes the skin, with beneficial effect in case of cellulite
Ingredients: Essential oil of juniper berries, juniper berries

Patchouli: Recommended to soothe the skin, with beneficial effect in case of cellulite.
Ingredients: Patchouli essential oil, dried Bearberry leaves

Sandalwood: Brings harmony and relaxing effect on the skin.
Ingredients: Essential sandalwood oil, dried star anise

Ylang-Ylang: Recommended for aid in relieving stress, relaxing and brighten up your mood.
Ingredients: Essential oil of ylang-ylang, cinnamon stick.

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