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Anti-aging Face Cream (50ml) - Rose Signature
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Bulgarian Rose Karlovo's anti-aging face cream from the cosmetic line Signature has a soft and tender fast-absorbend texture. The powerful formula of this cream successfully protects the skin from the aggressive external factors. The active ingredients of the Bulgarian rose oil and rose absolute, moisturize, tone and soothe the skin.mThe probiotic yoghurt extract improves the absorption of oxygen on a cellular level, the collagen and squalane enhance the dermal respiration, synthesize the collagen and elastin, and in combination with Argan oil slows down the natural aging processes. Tones, moisturizes and soothes skin of the face. Prevents premature aging and restores skin elasticity

✓ Effective face cream against aging.
✓ Contains Bulgarian rose oil, rose absolute and yoghurt.
✓ Enriched with argan oil, collagen and squalane.
✓ Refreshes and soothes the skin.
✓ Paraben-free!

Directions for use:
Apply on a well-cleansed face with gentle massage movements. Use morning and evening.

Rose oil, rose absolute, yoghurt, argan oil, collagen, squalane.

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